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Did you know you can support Kramer while you shop for your family's groceries?  Just link your Tom Thumb rewards card to Kramer. Kramer's charity code is 8743. You can print and fill out the form here and just take it with you the next time you go to Tom Thumb. For more information on the Tom Thumb Good Neighbor Program click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I link my Loyalty account to more than one organization?

Up to three organizations per household may be linked. Your total purchase amount will be divided equally to the organizations designated on the Loyalty account in each household. To maximize the contribution level, we recommend choosing only one organization per household.


Do I have to give the organization's number every time I make a purchase?

No. Once your Loyalty account is linked to your specified organization, that's it! Every time you make a purchase using your Club Card or Phone #, the total purchase will be automatically credited to your organization.


What purchases are excluded?

Pharmacy, fuel, alcoholic beverages, and tobacco products do not count toward the purchase amount credited to Good Neighbor Program accounts.


I forgot to give the cashier my Club Card or Phone #. Can I bring in my receipt tomorrow to be sure that my organization gets the credit for that purchase?

Unfortunately, no. A customer's Club Card or Phone # must be entered at the register prior to having your groceries scanned. Data to determine Tom Thumbs' contribution to Good Neighbor Program organizations is collected electronically. Therefore, we are only able to credit the organizations with purchases made through the Club Card or Phone # at the time of purchase. Purchases made prior to the Loyalty account being linked to the organization do not count toward the Good Neighbor Program and are not retroactive.