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our colts are all stars!

All Kramer students are encouraged to participate on a Kramer sports team! Our teams play through the Town North YMCA youth sports program.

The registration fee (required in order to play on a Kramer team) is $30 per player – a real bargain!

Teams compete in the following sports:


Grades: PreK – 5th
Games played on Saturdays and occasional week nights in Fall and Spring.


Grades: Kinder - 5th
Games played on Sunday and occasional weeknights in Fall and Spring.


Grades: 3rd -5th
Games played on Thursday or Friday in Fall and Spring.


Grades: K – 5th
Basketball season runs through Winter.


Grades: PreK – 5th
Games played on Saturdays and occasional week nights through Summer.



Volunteer coaches are needed!!! If you are willing to be a coach or an assistant coach, send us a note to learn more. Teams cannot be officially formed without a coach! No coaching experience is necessary.

If you have questions, please contact the Kramer Athletics committee.


Don’t miss this great opportunity for your child to participate in Kramer team sports!

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