7:15 - Students arrive at school:

Grades Pre-K to 1: Auditorium

Grades 2-4: Gym

Grade 5: in the Cafeteria

7:45 - Students picked up by teacher and enjoy breakfast in the classroom.

7:55 - Tardy bell: All students are in their classrooms ready to learn!

3:00 - Dismissal for all students.

 Morning Carpool times 7:15-7:45 am 

The new carpool procedures will begin on August 20 at 7:15 am. Carpool will be open until 7:45 am when the tardy bell rings.

Carpool streamlines drop off to one location, the front of the school (on Midbury Dr).  Traffic is ONE WAY on Midbury.  Adults (Staff and/or Parent Volunteers) will assist students in exiting from car.  We ask that you "drop and go" in the carpool line, the driver cannot exit the car. Please have your child ready to exit as you approach the front of the school.

Parents may park on Tunica or St. Judes and walk their child to the front door. The PreK/Kinder door will not be open for drop off.  NEVER drop your child off at portables or any other location.

If you arrive after 7:45 am, you MUST park and walk your child to the front door.

After 7:55 am, you MUST check in your child at the Main Office.

AFTERNOON: Pick-Up 3:00

·        Bus Riders: Students will be dismissed through the front door and may only ride the bus to their home address.

Carpool pic.jpg

Car Riders: Pick-Up Locations

o   Kinder : Side door/side of school on St. Judes.

o   Pre-K: Auditorium exterior door by the front of the school off Midbury.

o   1st Grade: Playground on corner of Tunica/Midbury.

o   2nd & 3rd Grade: Sidewalk by portables/playground on Tunica.

o   4th & 5th Grade: Behind portables on Mason Dells.

  • Siblings will meet at location of YOUNGEST sibling for car pick-up.

  • Due to safety of all students:  Students may NOT be picked up during dismissal time: 2:30pm – 3:00pm.

The name of the adult picking up your child MUST appear on the green contact sheet, or the student will not be released.

Changes in Pick-Up

Parents must send a note to their child’s teacher if they want their child to be picked up a different way than they normally are. For example, if a student typically rides the bus, the parent/guardian MUST send a note if they want the child to be a car rider. If a note is not received by your child’s teacher, they will be sent home in their typical method of dismissal. To ensure the safety of your child, if something happens during the day, the parent must call the office before 2:00pm to make changes to how a pick-up will happen. 

Late Pick-Ups

After 3:10pm, parents must come inside to pick up their student from the Attendance Office. Upon pick-up, parents are required to sign, as frequent late pick-ups and any pick-up after 3:45pm are documented. This will result in a conference with the principal and/or further referral to an outside agency.