We can’t be everywhere so if you’ve got great photos of school events, please share them with us.

Parents may submit pictures to be included in the yearbook. Please email any picture you have to This is the only option for submitting pictures for the yearbook.

  • Send only photos containing two or more students - NO SINGLE CHILDREN!

  • Please include the following information for each photo or group of photos:

    • class or grade level event title (Father-Daughter dance, field trip to the Arboretum, fall carnival, Thanksgiving celebration, etc.)

We do our best to include all students in the yearbook. However, in the past some students were not featured. Reasons for that include:

  • Parents marked on the photo release form at the beginning of the year that their child may not be photographed. Please check with your classroom teacher, and only your classroom teacher, to see if your child has a photo release and what you put on it.

  • Pictures are of NON Kramer events (birthday parties, family events, etc).

  • Pictures were submitted after the deadline (deadline will be in early May).

  • Pictures were sent to the wrong place- only send to

  • Pictures’ resolution was too low to be reproduced in the yearbook.

The more photos you share, the better our yearbook will be for everyone.

It’s easy, submit for your photos today!