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Kramer Elementary offers cutting edge education and programs. Sometimes the 60+ year old building has a little trouble keeping up!  That's where you step in. 

Past capital campaigns have had incredible neighborhood support. Last year we were able to completely restore our crumbling blacktop and replace the basketball goals to give our students a beautiful, safe place to play. Hillcrest Forest Neighborhood Association led the charge on a recent initiative to re-do our playground, raising over $14,000, allowing students and neighborhood children a healthy and fun place to run. 

Please consider being a part of our latest campaign. We are raising funds to install a state of the art STEM lab.

A new STEM lab would allow our students an engaging, hands-on place to explore STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math).

What does that mean exactly? Additional equipment, cabinetry, technology, rolling experimentation table, and materials (scientific kits, microscopes, beakers, etc.)

One square foot of STEM equipment, cabinetry and more costs around $25. You can purchase one square foot up to 100 or even more! Every donations helps us achieve our goal.

We are seeking a special high profile sponsor ready to help us get the project completed quickly. Any donor who gifts us with $10,000 will get to name the STEM laboratory and be recognized with a special plaque.

Thank you for enriching the Kramer campus to keep our kids healthy, active and safe.

Donations to the Kramer PTA are tax-deductible.

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